Essential oils

18 August 2021

Many warnings are given about the use of essential oils rightly because when misused, their effects can be toxic to health. On the other hand, when you know how to use them, they prove to be of great use on a daily basis.

“Le grand livre des huiles essentielles,” Elske Miles, ed. First
In this book, Elske Miles, professional practitioner and trainer in aromatherapy and reflexology, introduces novices to the basics to know before using essential oils: origins, history, manufacture, precautions for use, contraindications.

Thanks to this book you will discover the many applications that can be made of aromatherapy on a daily basis, whether orally, olfactory or even through massages for your family, at work (stress, lack of energy … ), on vacation (sunburn, turista …), etc.

You will then find 50 descriptive sheets for as many essential oils: biochemical constituents, origin, major therapeutic properties and instructions for use.

Based on scholarly knowledge in biochemistry, this work also gives pride of place to the domain of the subtle, one of the major aspects of these oils.

Even those who have used essential oils for a long time will learn from this book a wealth of information about these substances, which science is continually discovering new benefits.